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Customer Satisfaction

At Senior Solutions, we’ve been helping provide support and care for elderly loved ones for over 24 years. What has always mattered most to us is what we have been able to do for our clients – improving the quality of their lives and the lives of those closest to them.

Thank you for everything you did for this client.  Just a big THANK YOU for helping with this case and past clients.  I am very happy that we have a great working relationship.  I look forward to working together in the future.
Most months, I write thank you on my check and that's it. This month, I want to say I honestly don't know how I would survive without you, and on top of that, your nurse is a saint!
On behalf of our family, we want to thank you for all your kindness and professionalism. I know she was not an easy patient and we were not an easy family. Your efforts with the visiting companions kept her safe and sane in her home as long as possible. I know if my mother with her right mind could look back on all this, she would be most appreciative of that extra year in her home. Your patience with each of us as we figured out how to handle this new relationship with our mother was very much appreciated. I was especially grateful for your attending doctor's appointments with my mother. Clearly, you took the time to not only understand the key medical history for the doc, but also took the time to be respectful of my mother's feelings as you got answers to our questions. Every one of my mother's physicians commented to me how effective you were. This past year has been quite an experience for all of us. We appreciate all you and your colleagues did to guide us through this most difficult time. You are a talented and skilled nurse, and we were lucky to have you on our side. Thank you for all you do.
Your organization has been a godsend to my family over the past few months. Thank you to Patty, who went beyond the call to provide excellent care management for my mother.
Thank you for all your support and help through this trying time. I am so glad that I found you!
Mom and Dad are safely resting at home—thanks to your help. Senior Solutions is better than a sister—no grief, just help.
Senior Solutions Home Care found a wonderful woman to help us with Mom. She’s become like part of the family.
Working with Senior Solutions is like having a sister I can count on living next door to my mother.
I honestly don't know how I would survive without you.
A very special thank you for caring for our mother and aunt. We'll always remember your kindness and love.
Thank you for all your support and help through this trying time. I am so glad that I found you!
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